Monday, June 15, 2009

Alex and I went to the Rice Rocks and Minerals Museum in Hillsboro, OR for our date last weekend. We had such a good time--he said it was our best date ever, and that's saying a lot since Jason and I have been taking the kids on monthly dates for the past 2 years! The kids always pick what we do (within reason, of course!) for our dates. This museum catered to Alex's personality perfectly.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

On Memorial Day we went hiking around and ended up finding a beautiful river...of course the boys pulled their nets out and put their boots on so they could wade at the edge of the river and catch any living things they could find. We went with our friends and Hailey and Aneya stuck their feet in the water and giggled and giggled.

Hailey decided to try and pour her own salad dressing while nobody happened to be watching...she gave it her best effort.

We celebrated our 11th anniversary and Alex took this picture for us. We put Hailey to bed early and sent the boys up to read in bed much earlier than usual and then we had a candlelit dinner of grilled filet mignon, caesar salad and imported cheese. It was really nice.

One day we all went outside to play and Liam sat in his Bumbo with us...I ran in to get something (I forget what now) and the kids followed me and I realized a few minutes later that Liam was out there all by himself. He wasn't crying or anything, just hanging out and looking around. I had to get a picture.

Jason decided to capture a moment of us immersed in a good bedtime book (currently Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). Reading books before bed is one of our favorite passtimes and we do it almost every night.