Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween and stuff

Seth played his first soccer season this fall. He loved it and even enjoyed a moment of fame for running the length of the field with the ball and scoring a goal during one of our hardest games!
Seth and his soccer trophy.

One night last week we were all wrestling and playing together as a family...Seth suddenly disappeared for a few minutes and then ran down the stairs dressed like this. :-)
Alex won an award at his scouts Halloween party and pumpkin carving contest!
Halloween was so fun! The kids had a blast trick-or-treating (of course!) and our neighborhood is a great place for it. Jason got into the spirit with this suave hairdo.
Hailey very successfully potty-trained last week! One day she seemed ready so we tried it and she only had a few accidents the first few days and now she's a pro! (Yes, her underwear is on her head in this picture!)
Hailey got to go to her first birthday partyand it was...you guessed it--a princess theme! All of the guests dressed up like princesses. She still refers to this party as the party where she was beautiful.