Monday, September 8, 2008

First week of school!

Seth getting ready to get on the bus for Kindergarten!
Hailey took her babies for walk when we went to take Seth to the bus stop.

Hailey and I went to have lunch with Alex at school.

A light at the end of the tunnel

Jason called me the other day from his office and said he needed to tell me something. I was worried because we have had way too much bad news this summer. But he said "The builders just installed the counters in the reception area...and they're beautiful". He was so choked up he could barely even talk on the phone. I said "You realize this has nothing to do with the counters." He has been so stressed out about getting his practice open and bringing home the bacon for his family and the counter being installed and being beautiful was a symbol to him that his nightmare is actually almost over! So I told him I had to come and take a picture of him with the counter that made him cry. :-)

More Exploring

We went to Mt. Saint Helens and were amazed by the affects the 1980 eruption had on the surrounding landscape. The volcano used to be surrounded by a crystal clear lake and thick, lush pine trees. We were truly amazed at the power mother nature has.

We went hiking with my dad's cousin and his family and saw some gorgeous scenery and beautiful waterfalls. We also got more exercise than any of us has had in a long time! We hiked (with a few breaks) basically all day.