Sunday, April 26, 2009

We got Liam a "Bumbo"...which I think is the best thing to be invented since sliced bread. For those of you who aren't familiar with these little goodies, they allow a baby to sit up once the baby can hold it's head up. And since our babies always want to be sitting upright from 6 weeks until they can do it on their own at 6 months, we got one. Jason said it wouldn't do what it said it would, but he was proven wrong. Liam sat up perfectly in it. He LOVES it! Just had to get a picture.

Liam at 6 weeks old!

Hailey got her ears pierced! She was warned that it would hurt for a minute but decided to brave it out and do it anyway. She loves her earrings! She had a delayed reaction after they were pierced and started to cry pretty hard after a few seconds...then was still crying after a few minues, but once she calmed down she was very excited about her earrings.

 cream cones make all owies better.

Hailey got her hair cut and at first she did not like the length, until Alex told her she looked like Dora and now she is thrilled.

The sleep deprivation of newbornhood...

Alex and Seth and their friends pulled an April Fool's joke on me. They told me they finished the Rubix cube and I was shocked. I said we had to take a picture. Just as I snapped it they all yelled "APRIL FOOL'S!". Why I fell for that on April Fool's Day I'll never know.

We caught Liam in deep thought one night. :)

Always helping with the baby...

Daddy must be really soft and cozy.

Alex took 23rd place in the District Pinewood Derby

out of 400. He was very proud. :)

Being a great big brother, as always.