Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lots going on so far in '09!

Cuddling under our huge blanket which I might add I found on a great sale (seriously, this huge and very soft blanket was 12 dollars!) and got made fun of for buying--now I'm being patted on the back for finding such a great deal on one of the cosiest blankets in the world that covers all of us at once!
Only 2 weeks left until the big due date! So basically starting next week I'll be like a walking time bomb. We're very ready to meet our newest baby Peacock! And I am definitely ready to stop using the bathroom every 30 minutes.
Jason's cousin Heather offered to watch the kids for us while we went out on a date. Not that we never go out, but usually we don't stay out too long since babysitters are so expensive. So we spent several hours together exploring Portland (where Heather lives) without having to worry about that for a change. It was great!
Alex turned 9! He had a really fun birthday.

Alex's birthday presents included an airsoft gun, which came with a long list of safety rules and conditions for use (composed by his parents, of course!). So far he's kept them pretty darn well! (except for the few bruised birds who we believe probably don't like his gun!--Yes, we discussed this with him and as far as we know he hasn't used living things for target practice ever since)
Hailey turned 3 the day before Alex's birthday--here Alex and Seth are helping her learn how to play her new TV Dora plug-in game.
Hailey got a big-girl bike for her birthday (which was FREE by the way--a hand-me-down from a friend!). She LOVES it and rode around the whole main floor of the house all night after she got it.
Hailey's (kind of scary looking--Hailey helped) Dora cake...she thought it looked exactly like Dora, so that's really all that matters!
She got bunches of princess jewelry (the ring, earrings and necklace in this picture are from Aunt Ashley), a crown and sparkly nail polish for her birthday and couldn't feel more complete now. Yes, despite having 2 older brothers and no female cousins yet, she is definitely all girl! Don't get me wrong, she likes to light-saber fight. She just does it in her princess attire and with pointed toes and way too much grace for a light-saber fight!
Hailey's party

Hailey and Aneya (her best friend) at her party.
Seth is so proud that he can read now! He had just gotten done reading this book to me cover to cover and we just had to snap a picture. He is doing great in school!
Hailey got out of bed and unexpectedly promenaded down the stairs with a halo on one morning.
Alex being...well, Alex!