Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Practice!

Our practice is finally 2-3 weeks away from opening. We already have several patients scheduled for the first week and of course are hoping for many more! You can't see the sign too well but it says "Peacock Prosthodontics". It is looking really good on the inside compared to what it was a month ago!

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Aaron and Angie Olson said...

That is so exciting. I am so glad you are in the world of blogging Courtney. It's the perfect way to stay in contact with everyone. I actually really like the name of the practice. It goes really well together. I love the pictures of your sweet and adorable kids. It makes me miss them. Tell Alex we say hi and he will never have cooler primary teachers than us. Hopefully one day we can finally meet up again. Do you miss Graeters yet?