Friday, August 15, 2008

Seth turned 5!

We went camping for Seth's birthday. Other than getting eaten alive by mosquitos (even with bug spray) and getting attacked by gnats (long story), we did have a great time. We got to swim in the beautiful (very cold) lake (kids never seem to mind the temperature of water) and we got to feed some chipmunks out of our hands.
Seth had to soak his finger after burning it on his roasting stick (because he's Seth). It didn't keep him down for too long though.

Hailey dipping her toes in the lake.
After camping we went out to dinner. The waitress brought Seth a HUGE sundae for his birthday. I figured it was my duty as his mom to help him eat what was a sundae obviously made for at least 2 people. We all had a few bites.

Celebrating the birthday at home after dinner.


thepyles7 said...

Happy Birthday Seth! Man that boy is always burning himself. You had better teach him that fire is hot!

Clinesville said...

It's about time! I can't believe Seth is 5..where has the time gone!?!

Robyn A. Urry said...

So, I have been just about in tears looking at your BEAUTIFUL growing family. Courtney, it has been much too long since we have talked and even longer since we have seen one another. This is such an example of how fast time breezes by. Your stories are fantastic. I am so in love with your kids. What a beautiful family you have. Can't wait to hear all of the stories to come.

Love to all of you,