Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The reception area of Jason's office--looking pretty nice, huh?

Hailey in her new big girl bed!

At the Oregon Coast for a Peacock family reunion.

The kids in their bedroom at the beach house.

Seth burying himself in the sand.

The cold water didn't stop Alex!

The Peacock girls soaking up some rays (on our faces, anyway!).

Hailey was mad because her
pants fell down and
instead of pulling them up
right away I giggled and
took a picture first.

The Peacock cousins (the ones who were there anyway!).

With Jason's Grandma ("GG"). She was nice enough to treat everyone to the beach house. Thanks, GG!


thepyles7 said...

wow I was so happy to see a new post from you! I check at least once a week and was so glad to see your family doing so well. Jason's waiting room looks great. Let him know that I have been in a lot of Dr. waiting rooms and his is looks pretty darn good for waiting!

kris said...

Ok, Brent says we've got to come out & visit you guys (no complaints from me); Brent also says he wants to see more pics of the office...the waiting room looks great (can I be a patient)! Also, I can't believe how grown up Hailey looks; her hair is getting so long. The kiddos are adorable as usual & you can't even tell that you're pregnant! Talk to you soon.

Aaron and Angie said...

I miss you guys so much. I can't wait to move closer because Aaron and I are going to road trip it up there. Hailey is so cute and getting so big. I love the office area. It's looking good. You crack me up and I'm glad we have blogs to help stay in contact. Your doing good.