Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My parents came into town for Mother's Day weekend. On Sunday we went to Battleground Lake near our house and hiked around all afternoon. It was beautiful and so fun.

Peacock family of 6!

Mother's Day presents from my darling kids!

Everyone (except the moms) getting Mother's Day dinner ready. We had barbecued brisket, garlic mashed potatoes, baked beans and spinach salad. It was delicious! Jason made most of the dinner by himself and did a great job.

Liam gave Granny a huge smile.


thepyles7 said...

I love the new pics. The green there is beautiful!! By the way you have a lot of kids but I still think that one more is needed.

hmerrill said...

Can you believe we are the moms of so many kids? It feels like just yesterday where we each just had one little guy to chase after. Your gang looks great!

Dan and Leslie said...

Hi its Derek's Friend Dan. I love your pictures. Its good to see your cute family. Especially those pictures on the log!

Do your parents ever age?!? How does your Dad have so many grand children and still look the same as twenty years ago? I also love the salad dressing picture...Priceless!

Dan Markham