Friday, August 14, 2009

Enjoying the last few weeks of summer...

We took the kids to the Portland Temple to walk around on the grounds. They had never seen it before and it is the closest temple to us (about 30 minutes away). It is beautiful and the grounds are lush and green. They could all feel the special feeling that is around temples.

Liam is now old enough to enjoy his jumparoo. He will bounce in it happily for up to an hour.
This time Seth and I went to the rocks and minerals museum for our date. He loved it! We had lots of fun.

We headed to Utah (just the kids and me) for a week to see my family. I was dreading the flight for obvious reasons (in case someone reading this can't figure out what they are, just picture flying by yourself with a baby, a 3-year-old who throws tantrums at random, and a 5 and 9-year-old who get along wonderfully 50% of the time and fight like mortal enemies the other 50% of the time with no real warning that a change is coming). But, to my surprise, the flight went great! Southwest let us have 2 extra seats since the flight wasn't full, so we had plenty of room, we got to give Liam his own seat and bring his carseat on, he slept for half of the flight and then was happy the rest of the time, Hailey threw no tantrums, and the boys had nothing but fun the whole time. It was actually the easiest flight we've ever had, and that includes every one we've taken since we had kids to begin with.

Liam, enjoying the flight just the way I wanted him to!
Our plane landed during sunset. The whole sky was pink and was beautiful! I told the kids I want to try and land at sunset more often. Alex took some neat pictures from the plane.
Bedtime books with Grandpa...which is way more exciting than the same books with mom!
We went to Grandmother's house for lunch and enjoyed her famous tuna fish sandwiches (no seriously, they're way better than your Grandma's tuna fish sandwiches) and macaroni and cheese. Of course, there is always an endless supply of grapes, oreo cookies and fun!
Ashley and Liam getting some cuddle time.
Ashley and I took our older kids to Boondocks (an amusement park) for the day. We did laser tag, go-carts, squirt boats, the arcade, etc. We had tons of fun!
Seth got an early birthday present from Granny and Grandpa, which was an electricity science kit. He loves it!


Aaron and Angie said...

I can not believe how big Hailey is. I still remember you walking out into the foyer at church holding her as a brand new infant. Amazing and now she is three years old. Where does the time go? Liam is adorable and Seth and Alex. We miss you all. Tell Alex his old primary teachers say hi and we miss teaching him. Glad to see things are going well. I miss you Courtney.

thepyles7 said...

You have fallen into pattern,every other kids looks like each other.You have Hailey and Alex and Liam and Seth, too cute. I love Liam chubby little legs!

kris said...

Everyone's getting sooo big. Liam is sooo cute! We must have just missed y'all in Utah, we just got back! Tell all the kiddo's & Jason we say "hi" (hope he's not working too hard)!

The Gardner's said...

Courtney, I have been horrible at blogging and just found your blog through Tonya's! I can't believe how big your kids are, and congrats on your new little baby. What a cutie!